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At Watch Exchange we always want to ensure we are offering our customers the best service. That’s why now Watch Exchange can also offer customers insurance to their time pieces.

Watch Exchange has teamed up with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance offers the most comprehensive insurance in the market for your precious jewellery and timepieces, offering the highest level of protection for your precious jewellery. Centrestone has worked with Berkley to ensure we have the most competitive premium rates in the market whilst providing the highest level of cover.

Comprehensive cover against damage, loss and theft – anywhere, anytime.

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance provides a Quality Assurance Guarantee, which covers your jewellery up to 125% of the insured value to account for fluctuations in the replacement cost of your jewellery. This makes certain that in the event of claim, they can cover any increases in cost of stones or materials to replace your item with the same quality product.

For more information send through an enquiry today or call our store – +61 424 808 888